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About My Canvas Color

My Canvas Color is an online art gallery by the renowned Artist Antika located in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon & Agra and soon expanding to Bengaluru.

It deals in Handmade Portraits where our Artists turn a photograph into a hyper realistic portrait. Also deals in Handmade Landscape paintings, Abstract paintings, Wall Art projects, Creative art, devotional art, Indian Art and Indian contemporary art, Spiritual & Positive Art etc.


My Canvas Color have more than 10 highly talented and trained artists, in-house and on contracts. These artists have been carefully scrutinized and selected to deliver high quality work. Every artist is highly trained in a specific area and brings in experience and industry expertise to MCC. These artists work with us from around different major cities of India.

These Handmade Paintings are Originally Designed and Styled by these Artists themselves while the final touch is provided my our lead Artist Antika Gupta. Reach out to us to know more or to learn about the specific painting, Sketches for Gift or if you want to hire our Sketch Artist, wall artist, Portrait Artist ,oil colors, acrylics and water color artist for your projects.

Meet The Artist and founder

- Antika Gupta: Creative Director

Antika is a contemporary trained artist who has a natural imaginability to portray the world- class art. Her art speaks infinitely more than words can communicate. The artwork presented on this website has been crafted by her.

She is a versatile mixed media artist, enjoys an excellent academic record from Delhi Collage of Arts and has over 12 years of experience. She holds a vast gamut of artwork expanding from portraits & landscapes to pencil sketches and many other forms. She beautifully carve these on various mediums like charcoal, acrylic, soft pastel, glass marking, pencil & watercolor and many more

Antika has recently achieved a mark of creating 150+ Portraits and paintings on contract until 2022-23

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